Training Collars Review

You Can Quickly and Safely Train an Out of Control Dog!

Dog Training Collars The Solution for Difficult to Train Dogs. Including Dogs that are Aggressive, Have Bitten, or are Excessive Barkers, Chewers, and Destructive to Homes!

If you have a dog that is aggressive, has bitten you or members of your family or other dogs, or barks non-stop, chews, and wrecks your home, Dog Training Collars can quickly and effectively solve those issues, especially if no other training tool has worked for you!  Even dog owners who have tried or completed obedience classes, or spent months of training have reported astounding results with just a few uses of  a vibration dog training collar.

Why the Controversy over Training Collars?

Early models of Training Collars were generally developed for hunting dogs and were ONLY of the “shock” variety. Those training collars first started as releasing an stronger electrical current than the current models of today.

From the early development of the shock collars, many modifications have been made both to the design and intensity of the training collar and the vibration feature was added. Unfortunately, the early models gave training collars a bad name.

Thousands of uses by satisfied dog owners has shown that training collars are more effective in correcting bad and serious behavioral issues than spanking, spraying a dog with water, choking with leashes, or muzzling.

The Evolution of the Training Collar:

Some training collars evolved into to spraying scented water and are available in small or large sizes. The scent released from the collar may be lemon, citronella, or other types of scents that dogs generally, do not find pleasant.

The down-side to this type of collar is that some dogs do not find these types of odors offensive and actually get used to them in time, rendering the collar ineffective. Also, more dominant breeds of dogs, need a collar that actually gives a stronger signal to their brain.

Vibration collars are designed to be the very best type of training collars, and were originally designed to curb barking. Then, they were developed in conjunction with pet fencing or invisible fencing and work with confining your dog’s access to your yard, other yards, flower and vegetable beds.

What to look for in a Training Collar:

  • Make sure it is a Safe Interruption Collar designed to use vibration. You need different levels of vibration, because every dog responds differently. Some need a more intense vibration, while others, very little. Still others need a “nick’ just a moment of stimulation to get their attention. That is where the differences lie in most training collars. You absolutely need to be able to customize the stimulation settings to your dog in order for the training to be effective.
  • Distance – Some training collars loose the ability to work over long distances. Try for training collars that range at least 400 yards to be the most effective when trying to correct boundary issues. Otherwise you are defeating the purpose of using a collar that doesn’t work over long distances and training your dog outdoors.
  • Use a remote control for your dog training collar whenever possible. Especially if you are training in boundaries – Convenient and makes training more consistent.
  • Rechargeable batteries that last longer than regular batteries and will save you time and money. Less rechargeable battery time means you are out of the house faster.
  • Waterproof system, for times your dog gets wet. And all dogs will get wet at one time or another.

The Advantages to Dog Training Collars:

  • If you are still on the fence about using training collars, just remember your dog will be happier when trained and allowed to accompany you outside on walks, hiking, or allowed to explore your back yard. Keeping a dog tied up is not an optimal situation.
  • If you have little time to train your dog then training collars are an effective method to speed up the training process. If you spend the time to get the right collar, chances are your dog will be trained faster and with less stress on your part. Don’t give up on training an untrained dog, there are always alternatives!
  • If you have been looking for products that can deliver results faster and for cost-saving alternatives to paying for professional training services, these training collars are the best choices. For a fraction of the price of training you can have a system to use (indefinitely) which will help keep your dog from lapsing into bad behaviors.

Recommended Dog Training Collar for Vibration Mode:

Pawious Dog Training Collar [Newest 2019] – Rechargeable Remote Dog Training Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs – Long Range, Waterproof, Large LED Screen, Beep, Vibration and Shock

  • ✅NEWEST DOG TRAINING COLLAR with REMOTE CONTROLLER – premium quality materials and advanced design that assures control on long distances from 1000ft to 1600ft. The ultra-durable and waterproof collar assures safe use for years to come.
  • ✅EASY TRAINING CONTROL with BIG LCD CONTROLLER – the perfect training tool for any dog. This dog training collar will pass the command to your dog timely and quickly have your dog instantly react to the beeps and vibrations for various commands.
  • ✅RECHARGEABLE BATTERY and WATERPROOF – The receiver of the collar is fully waterproof, so your dog can wear it when bathing and swimming. Both the receiver and the remote are rechargeable with long-lasting Li-Ion.
  • ✅SAFE & EFFECTIVE – Use this dog collar with remote to train your dog with using of Beep, Vibration, Shock modes. 
  • ✅LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE – if you ever have any issue with your dog training collar, we will provide a full Replacement or Refund.