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Puppy Training Advice

Puppy Training Advice – Options for Training Puppies

Puppy-Training-AdvicePuppy training advice: where do you begin on finding the best methods to train your puppy? As with most puppies, there are going to be instances when you can’t control your puppy’s behavior. It’s a fact that the bad behavior your puppy exhibits usually happens at the most inopportune time, such as at the dog park, in front of a guest, or a family member. That’s usually when puppy owners decide I need to train my puppy and fast.

When Looking for Puppy Training Advice Consider what will work best for your Puppy.

  • For instance, do you have a puppy that is very motivated by food? Then a food reward system will most likely work best for your puppy.
  • Also, consider what method you feel comfortable using.

Puppy Training Advice: Which Methods Work?

  • Clicker method (click here for more information) which uses a clicker to reward the desired behavior and uses a food reward system.
  • Treat or food reward system, (click here).
  • Toy reward system in which the puppy is rewarded with playing with their favorite toy or ball.
  • Positive reinforcement method – including praising and petting your puppy.

It is up to you and what you feel you are comfortable with in regards to training your new puppy and to some extent, experimenting and coming up with the perfect training method or a combination of the training methods above.

If you have tried to train your puppy yourself and still feel the puppy would benefit from some additional training, I would recommend getting some reading material or try watching some videos. There some good Kindle-type books that can be downloaded that deal with the subject of how to train a new puppy as well.

Generally, if you have the time, you will spend far less money and have the gratification of spending quality time with your pet, if you train them yourself, rather than hire a professional.

In addition, you will establish more of a bond with your puppy, while it is still young. When you don’t have the time (or in some instances the experience training puppies), it might be better to enroll in a training class or attend some training classes rather than to try to do it yourself.

I would recommend learning as much as you can about your breed, their temperament and how to train them.

Above all, don’t give up. There are many options for you to learn how to train a puppy and ways to teach them to listen to the commands you want them to follow.