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How to Train a Dog to Jump Rope

How to Train a Dog to Jump RopeHow to Train a Dog to Jump Rope – A Two Step Process

If you have been wondering how to train a dog to jump rope or the most effective method of training your dog to jump rope, it is by using a process that involves two main steps, which are training your dog to jump over a rope and then integrating you and the jump rope into the training. While it may sound difficult, it really isn’t providing that you are willing to invest the time and patience to teach your dog these two steps using rewards and praise.

Dogs inherently know how to jump, so this behavior comes naturally. It’s just a matter of learning how to train a dog to jump over an object such as a rope and avoid hitting the rope (as your dog jumps over it) that’s the tricky part.

In order to effectively train a dog to jump rope, you will need to train a dog to first step, over a rope. Unfortunately, some people don’t take the time to do this initial part of this training. As a result, they never get their dogs truly trained to jump rope and just give up. It’s essential you start off slow and make sure your dog learns how to do the above behavior well through repetition before you proceed to the next part of the training. However, don’t get disheartened because training your dog to jump over a rope can be taught fairly quickly using rewards.

Step 1: How to Train a Dog to Jump Rope Using the Reward System

  • Start with a rope. Tie off the rope between any two objects so that it is taut, however, make sure it is only 3″ to 4″ above the ground so that your dog can easily step over it. What this will accomplish is getting your dog used to seeing a rope and getting used to avoiding hitting the rope by learning to step over it.
  • Make sure your dog has a leash on. Stand in front of the rope and call your dog. If your dog hesitates, gently pull on the leash and move the dog forward while calling his name until he steps over the rope. Reward your dog with his favorite treat.
  • Repeat the steps above until your dog steps over the rope without any hesitation. Use a treat to reward your dog, and don’t forget praise.
  • After a few times, raise the rope a few inches and repeat the above. As you move the rope higher, your dog will need to jump over the rope to avoid hitting it. Say the word “jump” right before the dog has to jump over the rope. Your dog will learn the command “jump”. Keep raising the rope’s height, at least to 3′ high.

Now, you have set the foundation for training your dog how to jump rope.

Step 2: How to Train a Dog to Jump Rope With You

Your dog will need to have learned the command “jump” (very well) and how to jump on command as well as how to jump a rope that has been tied between two objects before he can master the below.

  • Be patient, this will take some practice for both you and your dog.
  • Try to use the rope you trained your dog to step over.
  • Position your dog so that he is right in front of you.
  • Put the rope over him (as a starting position).
  • Make sure the rope has plenty of slack in it. Your dog should have plenty of clearance and room to jump.
  • As you start to jump rope and the rope comes over your head and down to where your dog is, say the command “jump”. Your dog should jump over the rope. If not, don’t give up, keep trying until your dog jumps over the rope.
  • Stop and reward and praise your dog every few times he is able to jump rope with you without hitting the rope.

It will take some time before you and your dog are in perfect sync and after a while, your dog will sense (by your body language and the position of the rope) when to jump and you won’t need to give him the “jump” command, or constantly give him treats, although do reward your dog with treats whenever you are done jumping rope and lots of praise.

If you are trying to learn how to train a dog to jump rope, following the above steps will ensure that your dog has a good foundation for learning to jump rope, however, please remember it definitely is a process. In the end, though, your dog will be able to do a behavior (or dog trick) that is seldom done by most dogs and taught by even fewer trainers.