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Clicker Training – The Fast Way

Clicker Training – Fast and Easy

clicker-training-how-to-train-a-new-dogDog training doesn’t need to be difficult, frustrating or something only professionals have success with. Utilizing a clicker training system, your dog training or pupping training sessions can be fast and can produce results in as little as 5 minutes. In addition, clicker training done consistently and every day (on average) can train a puppy or dog in as little as 14 days!

Clicker training combined with positive reinforcement, in the form of food rewards or treats, has become extremely popular among trainers. Most professional trainers have found clicker training to be their preferred training method.

How do you Know if Clicker Training is Right for You?

  • Have you struggled with finding a training method that is easy?
  • Are you working, a busy mom, or just struggling to find the time to train your puppy or dog and need a fast method that really works without spending a lot of money, or hundreds of dollars in training costs?
  • Do you have a new puppy or dog and want to have your puppy or dog trained as quickly and as painlessly as possible without all of the frustration of trying conventional training methods?
  • Do you want a training method that incorporates consistent verbal praise and positive reinforcement?

Why do trainers use the clicker training method?

Dog trainers that use clicker training use the method, primarily, because it allows puppies or dogs to get the information or command and then the motivation (which is the click and means a reward is coming), quicker than verbal praise. The clicker method is practically a foolproof method of training and the “click” sound, once learned by your puppy or dog also teaches appropriate behavior and boundaries.

Clicker Training – What to Look for When Purchasing a Clicker

Clickers come in various colors and sizes and generally are very inexpensive. However, there are some difference between clickers.

Recommended Clicker: StarMark Clicker Aid

  • Ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand.
  • Raised clicker button easier to find, and press when issuing commands.
  • Small enough to keep hidden in your palm, you don’t want your puppy or dog fixing on the clicker once they are introduced to it, they should be focused on you.
  • Activates with just a small amount of pressure.
  • Durable, stainless steel clicking element that is durable and will not rust.

Clicker Training – Use a Positive Reward System and Keep Your Treats Handy:

When starting clicker training using a positive reward system with treats and keeping them handy for easy access is another important element in training your puppy or dog successfully.

Recommended Treats: These are Highly Rated Dog Treats

  • Treats: Clicker training works by using a positive reward system. Treats that are best used in conjunction with the clicker training should be small or bite-sized or cut up a treat into bite-sized pieces.
  • Treat bags: Can be opened with one hand and easily contain and access your treats which will help you to reinforce the correct behavior and will help when you are training outside of your home, on walks, or at the dog park.

Clicker Training: It’s Easy and Fast:

Start training your dog by doing the following:

  • Stand in front of your dog. The very first time you start training, just click and give your puppy or dog a treat. Do this until your puppy or dog becomes noticeably alert at the sound of the click, if not, continue until you see your dog start to look at the clicker.
  • Add commands. You must click the very instant your puppy or dog completes the desired command and then give him the treat to allow your puppy or dog to associate the action with your reward.
  • Follow up with consistent verbal commands combined with clicker training and positive reinforcement every day at least for 5 minutes a day during the first two weeks.
  • Training can be spaced out during the day depending on the age if you are training a puppy. A dog can be trained very easily at least twice a day in the morning and at night.
  • Repetition and retraining are key, so keep at it.

Consistent verbal commands combined with clicker training and positive reinforcement are a winning combination in training your puppy or dog. It’s fast and it works.