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Dangerous Dog Food – The Shocking Truth

Dangerous Dog Food – It’s Worse Than You Could Ever Imagine

dangerous-dog-food-how-to-train-a-new-dogCommercial Dog Food can be dangerous dog food that includes poisons and chemicals. Poisons and chemicals can be what your dog is ingesting, every day, sometimes twice a day. The shocking truth is that most dogs that eat the wrong kind of commercial dog food die quicker than dogs that do not. The good news is your dog doesn’t have to suffer from toxic dog food-related illnesses and have a lifespan that is much shorter than it should be. You can actually reverse some types of illnesses, have a healthier dog, and add up to 8.3 years to your dog’s age, just by changing what your dog eats.

Dangerous Dog Food and the Healthy Dog Food Myth:

Making drastic changes to the way your dog eats is the key to preventing the onset of illnesses which will dramatically cut short the life of your dog. For instance Cancer. Cancer is just one of the illnesses that can be brought on by the dangerous dog food ingredients in commercial dog food.

Very many of the so-called healthy dog foods are actually dangerous dog food which is nutritionally inadequate and poison-laden. Legally, dog food can be sold that is lacking in 30 essential nutrients and can still be considered and labeled healthy. And because of that fact alone, dog food creates a condition in your dogs which makes them very susceptible to diseases.

In addition, the preservatives found in your dog’s food can destroy your dog’s kidneys and cause your dog to have kidney failure. Preservatives in dog food are there only to extend the dog food’s shelf life, not extend your pet’s life.

Dangerous dog food ingredients contain little-known chemicals that can cause these conditions in your beloved dog:

Kidney Cancer
Bladder Cancer
Skin Cancer
Stomach Cancer
Spleen Cancer
Coat and Skin Issues or Allergies
Immune System Collapse
Chronic Diarrhea
Behavior Problems – including aggression

Pet companies do not have to let you know about the most powerful and toxic preservatives which are linked to cancers and immune system collapses. Commercial dog food is actually sprayed before it is shipped to the manufacturer that cans it. In addition, dog food that may be labeled “chemical and preservative free” are actually filled with deadly poisons. It’s a legal loophole.

Dangerous Dog Food and Euthanized Animals. Too Horrible to Imagine?

In LA there are approximately two hundred tons of euthanized cats and dogs sent to a pet food plant every month to be manufactured into dog food. The lethal injection drug which is used to put down these cats and dogs is still present in your dog’s food after it is processed. If your dog is eating processed dog food,  your dog may be absorbing a poison meant to euthanize animals.

Your dog also may be eating, euthanized animals from zoos, animal control, and even road kill. It is also probable that some dog foods you are feeding your dog contain 25% fecal matter.

Get Informed Before Your Companion’s Life is Cut Short!

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If you have noticed your dog slowing down and not from lack of age, has loose stools, coat problems, kidney or cancer issues, please consider changing their diet.

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