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Your best friend’s health, comfort, and happiness matter. Give your puppy’s joints a great start, maintain your adult dog’s joint health, and provide your senior dog with better joint health. 

Resources for Your Puppy or Dog

Skin Conditions: Flea and Skin Issues

Remedies and ways to treat flea and skin conditions that can help bring relief to puppies and dogs suffering from those types of issues. Read our reviews on the best shampoos and products to get rid of flea and skin issues, fast.

Training: How to Train Your Puppy or Dog

Information on how to train your dog in simple steps. We address some of the most problematic behaviors. Consistency and retraining are key. Read about how your puppy or dog can be trained using different types of reward systems such as food and clicker training.

Product Reviews: Reviews on Dog Products

Product Reviews on popular dog products such as dog pens, backpacks, water feeders, and more. We know your time is valuable, so we research popular products for puppies and dogs to give you quicker solutions to finding a good product.

Backpacks for Dogs Review – Keep your hands free to play with your dog and enjoy that long walk! Carrying around water, treats, frisbees, toys…

Dog Beds Review – Perhaps you have decided to purchase a dog bed. Having been through numerous dog beds myself, I have found…

No Pull Harness Review – Does your puppy or dog drag you down your sidewalk or street? Do you have to pull your pup or dog out…

Dog Exercise Pens Review – Create a smarter and more balanced puppy or dog. The positive aspects of a dog exercise pen versus a crate can be…

K9 Regular Level - Quart

For management of joint health and joint issues for puppies or dogs. Perfect for small dogs or a one-dog family. Keep your active dogs joints healthy.

K9 Regular Level - Gallon

For management of joint health and joint issues for puppies or dogs. Available in gallon sizes for puppies and multiple dog families.

K9 Level 5000 - Extra Strength Quart or Gallon

For older dogs - joint health, and joint issues. Available in quart size for senior dogs with a one-dog family and gallon size for senior and multiple dog families.

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Osteoarthritis symptoms in dogs vary. So do joint mobility symptoms. Joint issues can often be mistaken for something else.

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