Backpacks for Dogs Review

Backpacks for Dogs – Keep your hands free to play with your dog and enjoy that long walk!

Carrying around water, treats, waste bags, frisbees, toys, soda, and your keys while walking your dog around at the park, or while on a hike? What about if you have two dogs and twice the amount you need to carry? Is your dog unfocused, high energy, or difficult to walk? If so, you may want to try a backpack for dogs. The benefits of using backpacks for dogs are many. The main benefits are to give your dog “a job” or something to do, calm them, and focus their attention on walking either beside you or on a leash.

A dog backpack can help a dog refocus just by slowing them down enough to concentrate better and not wander while walking. Dogs that use backpacks calm down fast because they expend more energy. The other benefits are to increase muscle mass and tone by exercising them, help overweight dogs to lose weight, and provide additional mental stimulation.

Backpacks for dogs are an efficient and quick way to store the stuff you need to take on a walk, and once you use one you’ll probably want to use it again, especially on those long walks, hikes, or outings.

What to look for in the purchase of Backpacks for Dogs:

  • Two zippered pouches connected by a harness.
  • Load stability: are both pouches evenly distributing the weight?
  • The load is centered on the shoulders or distributed along the shoulders and back.
  • Reflective strips.
  • Waterproof or water-resistant.
  • Sturdy and durable, ability not to tear.
  • Padded assistance handles to help your dog over obstacles.
  • Ring for a leash to be clipped onto so that a collar is optional.


Backpacks for dogs come in a variety of sizes from x-small to x-large. Just remember to measure your dog’s girth (which is just behind your dog’s front legs at the widest part) before ordering to ensure the very best fit.

Backpacks for Dogs – Who is This For?

Any dog owner from small to x-large breed dogs can benefit from a backpack for dogs. Works especially well for service dogs. It helps you keep your hands free and focused on enjoying your walk, training your dog, exercising your dog and so much more. This product also makes a great gift.

Backpacks for Dogs – The Value:

  • The value for this product comes from creating a happier and balanced dog.
  • Not only does it enhance the walking experience, but provides a safe and pleasant way for you as a responsible dog owner to store bags, treats, water, and other necessities your dog needs while walking.
  • The ability to concentrate on training your dog to walk on and off-leash.
  • For on the go dog owners, a dog backpack is a must-have for beaches, parks, hiking, or walks around the neighborhood.
  • Add to the above, years of use because of the water-resistant or waterproof design and durable polyester pouches.

Recommended Backpacks for Dogs:

While there were many more dog backpacks, there are only three I would recommend. They are made with a harness that holds the saddlebags in place and distributes the load well along the shoulders and back without slipping. The other models either didn’t use a chest harness or had one or a combination of straps which caused multiple problems with the straps coming loose, buckling, or chafing issues. Plus the saddlebags of these models are more durable and in some cases, hold more items.

Backpacks-for-Dogs Ruffwear Approach Pack X-Small to X-Large

Girth sizes: xx-small 13-17″ to large/x-large 32-42″

Ruffwear Palisades Pack Small to X-Large

Girth sizes: small 22-27″ to large/x-large 32-42″

Because the Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack and the Ruffwear Palisades Dog Backpack for dogs are designed to be centered on your dog’s back they are easier for small to medium dogs to carry. Large and x-large dogs will benefit also from this design, due to the fact it places less stress on your dog’s back because the load is placed on the strongest part of the dog’s shoulders, which means that it will not hurt your dog’s back or hips. This is an important design consideration in dogs that are older or have hip-related issues. You will need to place your dog’s legs into this harness as the chest piece does not unbuckle completely, however, that shouldn’t be a problem as it still goes on easily.

In addition, since small to medium dogs might need a little extra help getting over obstacles every now and then, the convenient assistance handle gives you the ability to quickly and easily get your dog out of tight spots which otherwise might be a problem (even without a backpack) while on a hike. The Ruffwear Palisades has detachable saddlebags that work well if your dog loves water. Add to that, the “stash pockets” for your keys and other valuables and this dog backpack works well for everything from a walk to a hike.

  • Attached saddlebags (Palisades, does detach) feature an efficient, weight-forward design perfect for short torsos
  • WebMaster Harness frame provides load stability and weight distribution
  • Trail ready details: stash pockets, reverse coil zippers, and external gear loops
  • Low-light visibility with reflective trim

Backpacks for Dogs

Mountainsmith Dog Pack backpacks for dogs

Girth sizes: small 20″ to large/x-large 32″

For dog owners with water bottles, treats, bags, and lots of stuff to carry, this dog backpack has a better design for storage and is easier to get your stuff in and out of. Besides having the “stash pocket”, assistance handle, and similar features to the Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack, this backpack makes the chest harness frame more comfortable by making it fleece lined.  The backpack also stays in place thanks to adjustable straps which work well for trails or a walk around the neighborhood or art show. The backpack does distribute the load of the backpack along a dog’s shoulders and backWho isn’t this for? Dogs that have back issues, senior dogs, or dogs with hip issues. 

  • Adjustable dog pack for holding gear while you walk
  • Independently adjustable fleece-lined chest harness
  • Zippered side pockets with rain flaps and internal valuables pocket
  • D-ring attachment point for leash; mesh stash pocket on top

Consider getting your dog a dog backpack if your dog has a lot of energy, or is having trouble focusing on your walk, or going for a hike. You will notice a difference in your dog’s energy and demeanor and you will have more fun also when you have less to carry and can provide your dog with the treats, toys, extra leashes, and water that they need.



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