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Train Your Dog to be Happy and Balanced

Train Your Dog: Why Training Your Puppy Matters

Train-Your-Dog-to-be-Happy-and-BalancedTrain your dog to be a happy and balanced dog. How often have you heard that phrase? A puppy that is not trained may become uncontrollable, fearful, bite, or may tear up your home (among other destructive behaviors) and grow up to be an out of control dog.

Dogs need to be trained and on an ongoing basis. Some of the natural instincts a dog has such as chewing can become destructive because of lack of training. An untrained dog can be quite a source of annoyance and unnecessary frustration to the dog owner. This is especially true when puppies are involved.

Here are some good reasons on why you should you train your dog and a good reason why consistent dog training is essential, especially in puppies:

  • Anyone who has come home and had to clean up a few surprises knows the problems untrained puppies can have when they are not trained to go to the door when they have to go to the bathroom or aren’t trained to go to the bathroom outside.
  • Puppies that grow up to be dogs without any form of training can become almost uncontrollable. Another result of the lack of training is puppy aggression which usually will develop into biting as the puppy grows.
  • Puppies that grow to be dogs that are untrained are unable to accompany their owners and become the true companions they were meant to be. As a result of undesired behavior inside the home, unfortunately, many are then tied up and left outside. Even sadder, some live their entire lives chained up.
  • Sadly, behavioral issues are the leading cause of both puppies and dogs that are sent to the shelter.

The best way for you to prevent your puppy or dog in destroying important things in your home is to train your dog until it learns (at least) some basic commands, sit, stay, heel, and come.

Train Your Dog as a Puppy and Reap the Rewards: 3 Quick Tips

  • Train your dog early if you get your dog as a puppy. Most training frustrations revolve around a puppy who is not housebroken. A puppy or dog who can signal when it needs to take a bathroom break is priceless.
  • Punishing your puppy or dog for a behavior it has never been told not to do will only frustrate it and in the end cause more behavior problems.
  • Don’t put off training your puppy. Sometimes, well-meaning people will forgo training their puppies or dogs just because they think puppies and dogs will eventually “get it”.

If you get a puppy or dog, please expect to put in the time to train your dog. Both you and your dog will be happier because of it.