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Crate Training – How to Housebreak Your Puppy or Dog

Crate Training – Simple Steps That Work!

precision-pet-cover-for-dog-exercise-pensIf you have struggled with crate training your puppy or dog, don’t be discouraged. While crate training is one of the best ways to housebreak your puppy or dog, it is also the most frustrating behaviors when your puppy or dog decides to use your home as a bathroom.

Crate training will work when other methods fail, and most of the time pretty fast in as little as a week, provided you put the time into the initial crate training and routine. Continue reading Crate Training – How to Housebreak Your Puppy or Dog

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Best Dog Shampoo – for Puppy and Dog Skin, Coat, Flea and Tick Problems

How to Solve the Battle of Fleas, Ticks, Lice, Mites, and Skin Conditions

best dog shampoo alternativeIf your puppy or dog has fleas, ticks, lice, mites, or skin and coat conditions such as flaky skin, mange, open sores, pus-filled sores, hair loss, shedding, or other allergy, non-food related skin problems, you want to work quickly to resolve them by using the best dog shampoo for their specific condition, not a generic dog shampoo or a natural dog shampoo alternative.

A bacterial infection from just allergies alone (such as the ones from dog food, or certain dog shampoos for instance) can produce excessive itching, biting, and grooming which can manifest in hotspots or result in hair loss and open sores. Continue reading Best Dog Shampoo – for Puppy and Dog Skin, Coat, Flea and Tick Problems

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Helpful Tips to Stop Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation Anxiety in DogsSeparation anxiety in dogs is a common behavioral problem. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety there are a variety of ways to cure that behavior and help your dog to feel more comfortable and less stressed when you are not around. Below are some helpful tips and related products to help reduce separation anxiety in dogs and to train a dog to be less anxious when you leave your home. Continue reading Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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Dog Boundary Training – Set Some Limits

Dog Boundary Training – Tips and Products to Get Your Dog to Recognize Off Limits Areas of Your Home and Yard

Dog Boundary TrainingDoes your dog jump on your couch, chairs, or tables? Chews your sofa legs, gets into your closet and chews shoes and clothes, or baseboards in your home? Or, does your dog run out into the street or away from your home or yard? If so your dog needs to be boundary trained. Continue reading Dog Boundary Training – Set Some Limits

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Dog Commands – and Your Body Language

Dog Commands: Are you Sabotaging Your Dog Training Without Meaning To?

dog-commands-howtotrainanewdogIf your dog seems to be struggling with learning your commands, could your body posture be the issue? In order for your dog to learn his commands quickly and effectively consistent body posture is required and is, after all, one of the most important elements in training your dog.

So, what happens when you interject the incorrect body posture? Even the best trainers do so from time to time without really realizing what they are doing. Continue reading Dog Commands – and Your Body Language

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Food Aggression – Get Rid of the Bowl

Food Aggression – Get Rid of the Bowl

Food Aggression Get Rid of the BowlFood aggression: Although it may seem like a behavior that is difficult to break, food aggression is not a behavior you have to live with or even tolerate. And, it doesn’t have to result in a miserable feeding time experience or being bitten. You can have a dog that you are not scared to feed, remains calm, relaxed, and eats dog food without growling or nipping at you. If you have a dog that is dog food aggressive, it is very important that your dog is  not allowed to continue with this type of behavior because it may transfer (and most of the time it does) to other items the dog has access to such as bones, toys, furniture, and even areas of the house, like your bed. Continue reading Food Aggression – Get Rid of the Bowl

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Dangerous Dog Food – The Shocking Truth

Dangerous Dog Food – It’s Worse Than You Could Ever Imagine

dangerous-dog-food-how-to-train-a-new-dogCommercial Dog Food can be dangerous dog food that includes poisons and chemicals. Poisons and chemicals can be what your dog is ingesting, every day, sometimes twice a day. The shocking truth is that most dogs that eat the wrong kind of commercial dog food die quicker than dogs that do not. The good news is your dog doesn’t have to suffer from toxic dog food-related illnesses and have a lifespan that is much shorter than it should be. You can actually reverse some types of illnesses, have a healthier dog, and add up to 8.3 years to your dog’s age, just by changing what your dog eats. Continue reading Dangerous Dog Food – The Shocking Truth

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Reward Training – Motivate Your Dog

Reward Training Will Motivate Your Dog – Find out How

Reward TrainingIf you have found training your puppy or dog to be difficult, try reward training or training with dog treats. Most puppies or dogs are motivated by food rewards combined with positive reinforcement and discipline.

If you have a puppy or dog that is particularly fussy about treats, try a variety of people food. Boiled chicken, egg, and even organic peanut butter are loved by puppies and dogs and are treat favorites that generally will not upset sensitive stomachs (in moderation and introduced slowly). One of the advantages of feeding the above kind of food rewards is that it isn’t necessary to run out and buy expensive specialty treats. Continue reading Reward Training – Motivate Your Dog