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This product works! Quickly, safely and effectively kill fleas on contact. The natural ingredients soften the waxy exoskeleton until the internal organs are saturated and the flea quickly dies. The gentle, yet powerful formulas work for all stages of an insect’s life. Safe for use on all dogs. Can be used with other flea control products.Concentrated formula dilutes 3:1.  Simply mix with water.

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This is the best flea, tick, lice, and mites product, which is cost-effective, natural, and can be used for puppies, and dogs. It works great on multi-dog, and multi-puppy households, and can be utilized daily weekly and monthly to keep harmful pests from your pet and provide effective relief from flea-bite dermatitis. This product won’t hurt your pet like other harsh chemical shampoos which can cause allergies and skin irritations. This product can also be used in conjunction with other pest products or sprays within your household. Works fine for puppies over 12 weeks of age.

A great product that is Concentrated dilute 3 to 1  Cost Effective! The Gallon size will last a long time and is great for multiple pet households.

Some information on fleas and pest infestations:

Despite whether your pet is approaching old age or just a puppy, your pet has flea preventative requirements. Consider your puppy or dog’s well-being when choosing a shampoo for fleas, ticks, lice, or mites. It depends on where you live – some flea, tick, lice, or mite infestations are worse in some areas than others, however, maintenance and prevention never really stop when it comes to pests. Remember that treating your pet is only one stage in winning the war against infestation. Treating your home and yard is also very important. Find a spray that has all natural ingredients that will also be the best at controlling and eliminating your pest problem. Numerous individuals in the colder parts of the US seem to think that they are “sheltered” because of the colder winters they endure. Sadly, a vast segment of the US doesn’t get chilly enough for a long enough period to truly kill fleas, ticks, lice or mites. Temperatures need to be 37 degrees for 10 days or 33 degrees for 5 days to kill most pests. So, it is prudent to keep your puppy or dog on a flea, tick, lice, and mite preventative year-round.

There are four phases of the life cycle of the flea. The grown-up or adult only can constitute just around 5% of the whole flea populace, when you consider each of the four phases of the life cycle. Fleas will lay their eggs on your pet, however the eggs don’t generally stick and may tumble off into your carpet, your yard, a favorite pet’s couch, or anywhere in your home. The whole life cycle of the flea can be finished in 14 – 21 days with the best possible temperature and humid conditions. On the off chance that you see one flea, there may be more than 100 that are actually lurking and starting or in the process of reproducing.


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