Fresh Smell Shampoo for That Stink


  • Long-lasting your puppy or dog will smell better longer.
  • Cost-saving – you’ll need fewer baths to get that clean, just-washed smell.
  • Great for multiple dog households.
  • A shampoo especially developed to be gentle but cleans and conditions. 
  • Brightens, adds shine to your puppy or dog’s coat.
  • Will leave your dog’s coat more manageable, especially long-haired dogs.
  • Helps prevent dryness.
  • Will help manage unruly coats in puppies and dogs!


Does your dog stink? Certain dog breeds naturally have a stronger smell which still lingers after baths. Now you can get rid of that stink for up to 2 weeks. That includes really smelly dogs who are outside. This dog shampoo leaves an incredible smell on your dog while cleaning thoroughly and gently. Won’t harm delicate skin. Cleans gently and won’t irritate. Great for puppies that are getting crate-trained and older dogs as well.

This shampoo works great for short or long hair dogs.

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Weight 2 lbs



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