Itch Shampoo – Stops Itch Fast

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If your puppy or dog is constantly scratching and infecting their skin, this shampoo will relieve the itching with soothing all natural ingredients while promoting healing. Great for yeast infections on paws, skin allergies, black scaly skin, or hair loss. It’s economical and very cost effective.


This is the best itch dog shampoo for puppies and dogs that suffer with itchy, dry, scaling skin, or dull coat. This product works to both deeply clean and moisturize your puppy or dog’s skin. If your puppy or dog is suffering with seborrhea dermatitis and allergies, itching, scratching, dry skin, black skin, and hair loss, this gentle natural chemical free cleanser contains a soothing mix of Vitamin E, Wheat Germ, Rosemary and Coconut oils, in addition to proteins which will give your pet relief from itching while providing a great smelling and beautiful coat.

For extra savings Gallon Size is Concentrated, May be diluted 5:1.


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