No Pull Puppy or Dog Harness Review

No Pull Puppy or Dog Harness – Get Your Puppy or Dog Walking with You!

Does your puppy or dog drag you down your sidewalk or street? Do you have to pull your puppy or dog out of your home by the leash in order to get him to walk with you?

Tired of being tangled up in your dog’s leash while they run in circles around you? Or having trouble with your puppy or dog twisting or trying to get out of their collar and off of their leash while you are walking them and strangling themselves (or you) in the process?

If so, a no pull dog puppy or dog harness is the fastest and easiest way to stop your leash pulling issues.

What are the advantages of a no pull puppy or dog harness?

  • Make training your puppy or dog to walk on leash easier and faster.
  • Create a positive leash experience. Especially important for getting your puppy or dog to want to walk with you.
  • Ability to finally take your puppy or dog on walks without hurting yourself or them.
  • Train your puppy or dog not to pull, twist, strangle, or run while on leash.
  • Provide much needed and necessary exercise for your growing puppy or dog.
  • Create a more socialized puppy or dog by exposing them to other dogs and people.
  • Create a more balanced puppy or dog by exposing your dog to other places and environments.

What should you look for in a no pull puppy or dog harness?

  • Ease of use. Getting the harness off and on your puppy or dog.
  • Control of your dog. How well does the harness work to prevent pulling?
  • Mesh, Nylon, or? Toy breeds generally use mesh harnesses. Small, medium, and large breed dogs who are moderate to aggressive pullers, can use mesh, nylon, or foam-type straps to prevent pulling.
  • Restriction of movement. Some harnesses allow you to turn or direct your dogs attention back to you, while others restrict the movement in the chest, or at the front legs, so the puppy or dog stops.
  • Durability of the harness. Stitching, padding, and metal, is the harness durable?

How do you know what size no pull puppy or dog harness will work best on your puppy or dog? In short:

  • Measure your puppy or dog’s neck circumference (some harnesses do not require this measurement).
  • Measure the chest size of your puppy or dog.
  • Measure the girth, which is just behind your puppy or dog’s front legs.

Recommended No Pull Puppy or Dog Harnesses:

No Pull Puppy or Dog HarnessNo Pull Puppy or Dog MESH Harness for Xtra Small – Toy Breeds Puppies and Dogs: Moderate to Aggressive Pullers. EcoBark Max Comfort and Control Dog Harness; No Pull & No Choke Design, Luxurious Padded Vest, Eco-Friendly Puppies Dogs

No pull puppy or dog harnesses for toy breeds are difficult to find. I looked at the Four Paws Black Comfort Control Dog Harness. It apparently has a problem with the plastic clasps being stiff and not connecting easily, and breaking. Add to that a scratchy strip which sits along a dog’s back and this harness has the potential to irritate your puppy’s or dog’s skin. If you have a small toy breed puppy or dog and they are a moderate to heavy puller, the mesh harness will work to eliminate pulling. Made especially for small toy breeds, it uses mesh as gentle restriction across your puppy’s or dog’s chest instead of nylon bands which can hurt a small chest or neck. Inexpensive and lightweight, it works for any toy breed with a neck size of under 9 inches, perfect for 3 to 4 lb dogs. It is hand washable. Highly recommended for toy breeds.

  • No Pull Mesh Harness
  • (Neck) Sizes 6″-9″
  • Comes in Black
  • Stops Pulling Instantly

No Pull Puppy or Dog MESH Harness for Small, Medium, and Large – Puppies and Dogs: Moderate to Aggressive Pullers:   RABBITGOO Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3M Reflective Oxford Material Vest for Dogs Easy Control for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs.

(Necks 9-12″ 20 lbs and up)

This mesh harness works well for small, medium, and large size dogs. It will work on moderate to aggressive pullers and is gentle enough to use for long walks in the park or on outings. It goes on easily (in one piece) which makes it perfect for a squirming puppy or high energy dog. Great for senior small to medium dogs as well, as the No-pull Harness allows maximum movement and flexibility with the protection of Oxford Material. What size dog is this not for? Very Small Dogs. 

  • Color: Black
  • Size (Neck), 9-12 and up”
  • One Piece, that goes on and off easily
  • NON-Mesh Chest Harness

No Pull Puppy or Dog HarnessNo Pull Puppy or Dog Harness for Small to Extra Large Dogs: Moderate to Aggressive Pullers, BEST for Aggressive Pullers: Freedom No-Pull Harness Only

(x-small:  14-20″ neck ;  12-17 lbs)
(xx-large: 36-44″ neck;  140-250 lbs)

This no pull harness distributes the pressure points across the chest rather than the neck. It allows your puppy or dog to walk in a straight line. And, you can steer your puppy or dog by using the chest lead. Great for when you are trying to train your puppy or move and turn with you while walking. The Freedom No-Pull Harness, Medium will help train your puppy or dog to stay closer to you on walks. Plus, for extra durability it is made out of nylon webbing and reinforced stitching. Lined with velvet (strap that goes behind the legs), in order to prevent rubbing, sores, or chaffing from the straps which adjust for comfort and for size. Great for extra large breeds such as Mastiffs, or Great Danes. What size dog this isn’t good for? Toy breeds. There are no sizes for toy breeds, the smallest size is listed above. Highly recommended for dog owners who want more control over their dogs while walking and dogs who pull aggressively while walking.

  • Eliminates pulling and the associated neck strain.
  • Attachment in the front discourages pulling. Attachment in the back is best for exercising.
  • Trains your dog to walk in a straight line without twisting, or straining.

No Pull Puppy or Dog HarnessNo Pull Puppy or Dog MESH Harness for Small to Xtra Large – Puppies and Dogs: Best for Active Dog Owners, MODERATE PULLERS – ONLY. Comes with seat belt restraint. EzyDog Chest Plate Harness

(x-x-sm 9″-15″ neck; 10-15″ girth 4-7 lbs)
(x-small  11-18″ neck; 12-19″ girth 7-12 lbs )
(x-large 21-36″ neck; 22-38″ girth 77 lbs+)

Although there are a good deal of harnesses made for active dogs, this one I feel works the best for moderate, pullers and active dogs, small to x-large dogs. The reason it works so well for active dogs, is because it has a foam chest plate which doesn’t chafe like some brands of nylon bands usually do, and molds to a dog’s chest dimensions (provided you have the right size) which makes it more padded or comfortable than traditional nylon bands. Great for early morning or late night walks, hikes, and parks because of the reflective stitching. If you love to take your dog  jogging or running, The EzyDog Chest Plate Harness is a great harness for your dog. It also has a seat belt restraint included. What dog size may this not work for? It may not work well for very small dogs as the chest plate may not fit snuggly enough for a very small dog and they may slip out of the harness. Highly recommended for moderate pullers and dog owners on the go.

  • Foam chest plate will mold to a custom fit.
  • Reflective stitching throughout for low light or nightime safety
  • Stainless steel D-ring for strength.
  • Seat Belt Car Restraint Included

If you have had problems walking your puppy or dog because of pulling, try a non pull puppy or dog harness. Most dog owners notice a difference right away. Getting a no pull puppy or dog harness will make your dog walking experience more enjoyable, while creating a happier and healthier puppy or dog.