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Dog Nipping – There is Reason to Worry

Dog Nipping Can Turn into Dog Biting

dog nippingDog nipping – If your dog has a problem with nipping or is mouthing you to the point where it is painful or drawing blood, there is a reason to worry. Dogs that are not properly trained not to nip may develop more serious issues such as biting. Biting behavior in dogs, when coupled with aggression, is serious, especially if your dog is around other dogs, family or even your children.

The first step to correcting dog nipping is understanding the most common reasons for why a dog nips.

Here are the top 6 most common reasons why dog nipping is a problem:

1. Your dog wants to chew and is mistaking your fingers, hands, feet, or parts of your body as a chew toy.

2. Your dog is overexcited and does not know what to do with all of the energy it has stored up and is mouthing and inadvertently, nipping. This is especially true with dogs that are stuck in a crate for hours at a time.

3. Your dog is playing tug of war with anything and mistakes your fingers or hand for the object.

4. Your playing with the dogs mouth, moving your hands along the dog’s mouth or tapping, slapping, or tickling the dog around it’s mouth. Your dog is reacting to a behavior that is particularly annoying to most dogs.

5. Your dog is younger, or of puppy age and has never been taught not to nip or bite, so your dog does not understand that it’s behavior is annoying to you.

6. Your dog has an object and doesn’t know how to release it properly and when you try to retrieve the object from your dog’s mouth, the dog grabs or nips at your fingers instead.

When dealing with dog nipping and the possible consequence of  biting, it is important to get at the least a good understanding of the reasons your dog may do so. That way, you can more effectively address each of the above before the behavior possibly turns more serious.

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