Dog Hot Spots

5 Steps to Effectively Heal Dog Hot Spots.

Don’t Let Your Dog Suffer with Painful, or Infected Skin Lesions.

Eliminate the Itch, Pain, and Skin Lesions of Dog Hotspots Quickly and Effectively.

howtotrainanewdogdoghotspotAcute Pyoderma, and Acute Moist (Pyotraumatic) Dermatitis are veterinary terms for Dog Hot Spots. While the names may sound confusing, Dog Hot Spot symptoms are generally easy to identify and characterized by red, itchy, oozing skin infections which usually start out as circular lesions.These painful lesions can start on the head (but are not confined to), over the hip, and along the side of the chest. They also can be on dog’s paws. Dog Hot Spots are painful and can become serious quickly when a bacterial infection sets in.

What Dogs are Most Susceptible to Dog Hot Spots?

Puppies or Dogs that are most susceptible to hot spots are usually outdoor dogs that get wet and muddy for long periods of time, or indoor dogs with wet skin or long-coated dogs that may have not have been dried thoroughly; dogs that are allergic to food, their environment, or flea, tick, or pest allergies.

Start the Healing Fast!

Dog Hot Spots are a problem you will want to take immediate action to resolve. Start with these 5 tips to start the healing process:

1. Clip the affected area of your dog’s coat. With scissors, gently trim an inch in diameter around the skin lesion to allow the lesion to get air and make it easier to treat.
2. Bathe your dog with a Shampoo for Dog Hot Spots shampoo specially designed for Dog Hot Spots to address multiple areas of infection or an underlying infection.
3. Prevent your dog from scratching, licking, or chewing the affected area. Put on an elizabethan collar or pet cone, trim nails, and put socks on the hind feet of your dog.
4.Watch your dog for additional scratching and signs that the skin lesions have become infected.
5. Consider switching your dog’s food to a non-allergic food. Your dog may be allergic to the ingredients in its food. Feed your dog non-allergic and natural products, that have no corn or wheat fillers, and have skin and coat conditioning properties.

Dog Hot Spots Can Become Infected Without Treatment.

The Benefits of Chlorhexidine Shampoos:

  1. The Shampoos we carry Use the Maximum Amount of Chlorhexidine 4% plus other gentle ingredients proven to heal Dog Hot Spots. Safe for use on Puppies and Kittens!
  2. Save money on Multiple Puppy or Dog Households with our Large Shampoo Size.
  3. Our recommended shampoo may save you multiple trips to see the vet.
  4. Our Shampoos work on skin allergies, hot spots, and other skin conditions, so if your pet suffers from other ailments that are causing itchy skin which in turn is leading to excessive scratching, and skin lesions that are oozing, it will help the healing process in those conditions also!
  5. Leaves your pet’s coat clean and promotes a healthy coat.

NOTE: The spray and shampoos mentioned above DO NOT Get Rid of Fleas, Ticks, Lice, or Mites (Although we carry another concentrated shampoo that does)!