Dog Beds Review

Which dog bed will work best for your dog? There really is not a one-fits-all solution when it comes to dog beds.

Perhaps you have decided to purchase a dog bed. Having been through numerous dog beds myself, I have found not all brands are alike and there are some import differences mainly in the price, construction, durability, and ease of care of dog beds. In addition, some dog beds are made especially for older dogs or dogs with health problems. The wrong choice when buying a dog bed may have you purchasing a replacement sooner than you imagined, which is a waste of your time and money. So what should you look for when choosing the right dog bed for your dog?

Consider the following before choosing your dog bed:

  • Are you on a budget? – Best Value Based on Price.
  • Size of your dog. Some dog beds are only made for small breed to medium breed dogs.
  • Wear and tear of fabric or fabric composition.
  • The ability of the bed to be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Dog’s age, health, and if your dog has had surgery recently.
  • Want a stylish or unconventional dog bed that looks like furniture.

Dog Bed Recommendations Based on Based on Value, Fabric Durability, Health Related Issues, and Indoor/Outdoor Use:

dogbedsreview1. Best Value Based on Price: K&H Deluxe 30 Inch Round Orthopedic Bed

What size of dog will this work for?:  Small to extra large dogs. It is made of soft, velvety, micro suede (which means the fabric is more durable and less likely to tear than traditional cotton) and the cover and liner are machine washable. Your machine settings should be on cold and tumble dry, low. If you want to wash your dog’s entire bed, this may not the bed for you, however, it is a durable bed and will last you. Just one of the many advantages of the K&H Round Solid Pet Bed is that it doesn’t have a removable cushion, so dogs that like to “dig” in their beds before they nap will not be able to separate the cushion from the base of the dog bed. This dog bed is one of the best choices for dogs who like to “snuggle or hug blankets”.  Plus because of the higher sides, you can put some of your dog’s  favorite toys, chews, and blankets inside of the dog bed. A must-have if you have a small to extra large dog and are looking for a great value, in that you won’t be replacing your pet’s bed every year.

  • K&H Brand
  • 3 Solid Inches of  Plush Medical Grade Orthopedic Foam
  • Micro Suede
  • Cover and Liners are Removable. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
  • Soft and cozy for small size pets

Real Review:  I ordered this bed for my toy schnauzer. He was run over by a car when he was a year old & shattered his pelvis. He had surgery in Memphis & 5 years later is doing exceptionally well. But – he does have soreness in his back end. This bed is wonderful for him. He absolutely loves it. It is so thick with memory foam & the edge around it gives him a place to rest his head. He is in it right now. Even when we leave the room, he stays in his bed. It is his “safe spot.” I would recommend this bed to any pet.

Dog Bed Classic2. Durability, and For Repeated Washings: Pet Dreams X-Small Classic Sleep-Ezz

What size of dog will this work for? All sizes from small to x-large dogs. The smallest size dimensions are 13″ x 9″ and the largest are for x-large dogs at 48″ x 30″. If you are looking for a washable, durable, dog bed this is it at a decent price. One of the advantages to this dog bed is that there are no zippers or covers and the entire bed can be easily thrown into the washer or dryer without any problems. Another advantage to the Pet Dreams Classic Sleep-eez Olive Reversible Dog Crate Pad is that you can use it to line your crate with, put in the back of your car, or on your sofa. It’s just padded enough to support your dog and durable enough to wash when your puppy or dog has an accident in his crate, or when you want to clean up dirt or mud. If you are looking for extra padding, this dog bed may not be for your dog, but for the above, it absolutely works. Because it is reversible, you will get double the use out of it by keeping your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A must-have for crate owners and a great fit for the back of your car.

  • Made for repeated washings, guaranteed
  • 2 in1 reversible pet bed: cotton for cool summer comfort and sherpa for winter warmth
  • Affordable dog bed that is perfect in the crate, kennel, or car

Real Review: “my 150lb + english mastiff loves this mat. I use it in her crate. It is the only mat she has not chewed. Very well made, very happy with this item.”

Dog Bed3. Durability, Ease of  Washings and Indoor/Outdoor Use + Ease of Maintenance: Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric

What size of dog will this work for? Sizes from small to large dogs. The smallest size dimensions are 22″ x 11″ inches – Large 43.3” x 31.5″. If you have a small dog (not a toy breed) you may want to go with the medium bed. If you are looking for a dog bed that is durable and want to use a dog bed out on your patio or outside, this dog bed is for you. The fabric is UV treated so it doesn’t fade in the sun, and is mold and mildew resistant and has steel frame. The Coolaroo Pet Bed is especially great for dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors and just one of the advantages is that it will keep them off the ground and away from fleas, mites, or bugs. Another advantage is that this bed’s fabric allows for keeping your dogs cool indoors or out because the fabric actually is made to breathe. It supports your dog’s joints and is a better choice for dogs than laying on concrete or cement. You won’t have to worry about muddy paws either as this bed cleans up easily with soap and water. In addition, if your dog is a big shedder, you may want to consider using this bed. Clean up is a breeze and you can take a vacuum to it without worrying about the fabric being destroyed. If your dog is a very large breed, please check your pet’s dimensions and the dimensions of  a large bed. A must-have for dogs that spend time outdoors.

  • Elevates pets off of the cold, hard ground
  • Unique Coolaroo breathable knitted fabric keeps pets comfortable
  • Resistant to fleas, mites, mold, mildew and has a 5 year UV degradation warranty
  • Easy to maintain and clean; just spray it down with a hose and mild soap
  • Large Fabric cot area measures 43.5 by 31.5 inches

Real Review: “I have a German Shepherd and live in Florida so she is hot during the summer. My breeder recommended this bed because it breathes and helps to keep the dog cool. She is right. Very importantly as my breeder pointed out, the bed is gentle on the joints and body of the dog. The first one I got when she was 2 1/2 months old. It was so great I got another one. And the cost is reasonable so I could get a second one. Now she has one in the bedroom and in the living room. The company is great too. They stand behind their product. The first bed got a couple of small holes in the mesh and the company sent me a replacement cover. That also helped me to decide to buy another. It is so nice when a company cares about their customers. I HIGHLY recommend the coolaroo cot for all dogs. My dog loves it.”

dogbedsreviewhowtotrainanewdog4. Arthritis,  Joint issues, Hip Dysplasia, or dogs that have just recovered from surgery:

Small/Medium 23″L x 35″W Orthopedic 100% Memory Foam Pet Dog Bed with washable cover   (dog bed square)

Large/Extra Large/Giant Orthopedic Foam No Crunch Big Barker Dog Bed with Durable Cover 7″ Pillow Top

These beds will work on small to giant breed dogs. If have an older dog, a dog that has arthritis, or a dog that has recently had surgery these beds will work best for your dog. Because they have orthopedic foam, they are gentler on an older dog’s joints, hips, and especially helpful for an older dog that likes to sleep a lot. Easier for any dog to stand up from this mattress as it is sturdy and elevated. If your dog has just had surgery and unfortunately had an accident or two, the waterproof beds may be a better option for you. Both covers come off for easy washing and are durable. A must-have for older or senior dogs.

  • Thick Luxury Comfortable 100% 1 piece Therapeutic Memory Foam pad.
  • Memory Foam never loses its shape, providing many years of comfort & support.
  • Fabric covers boasts lasting quality, wash after wash.

Real Review: “The bed wasn’t even out of the box for 30 seconds before my dog was curled up on it! I’ve noticed that he doesn’t tend to be as restless when lounging on this bed (less shifting around and sighing), and certainly doesn’t seem as stiff when he gets up. Also, being memory foam it warms up quickly and stays toasty, and it’s so comfy he’s no longer eyeing the furniture! Update: This bed has now been in heavy service for over two years and is still in terrific shape! The denim cover has seen many washings and has only faded slightly. The mattress itself shows no signs of wear, and my dog spends a lot of time on it. Great product.”

Dog Bed5. Looking for a Stylish Alternative to a Dog Bed? Enchanted Home Pet Ultra Beds

These beds will work for a small to a large dog. Get your dog off of your sofa and onto his own. If your dog absolutely loves your sofa, get him a dog bed that looks like one. If you are looking for a stylish, plush and functional dog bed, that cleans up easily, consider the Enchanted Home dog bed. It is for small to large dogs, has an easy to remove cushion cover which is made out of polyester and the frame is constructed of wood for durability and strength. It has a storage pocket conveniently located in the back of the sofa for all of your dogs treats and toys which means they can be kept in one place and off of your floor.

  • Durable polyester upholstery over a strong wood frame
  • Pocket for toys and treats
  • Comfort cushioning
  • Machine Washable Covers

Whether you want a dog bed based on the best value, durability, or for your dog’s age or health, or just a stylish bed to compliment the furniture in your home, there are dog beds that will work for dog and are especially suited for your needs. Choosing the right dog bed may take a little time, but in the end it will be worth it. Your dog will rest more comfortability and so will you knowing your puppy or dog is in a dog bed especially suited for them.