Puppy Urination – It’s Not About Housebreaking

Understanding Puppy Urination

Puppy UrinationPuppy urination is one of the most frustrating behaviors to correct and to understand especially when you are a first-time puppy owner. If you are trying to housebreak your puppy, understanding that not all puppy urination behaviors come from housebreaking-type issues, will help you to correct unwanted puppy urination behavior and get your puppy housebroken faster.

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DieselPuppy Urination – It’s Not About Housebreaking

Puppy Aggression – Be the Leader

Puppy Aggression – who’s really the leader and why does that matter to your puppy?

Puppy AggressionPuppy aggression happens when your puppy is not properly socialized, trained, or sees you as the leader. There are quite a few reasons a puppy can be aggressive.

The most common are:

  • A puppy that is taken away from it’s mother too early.
  • A puppy that has a dominant personality.
  • A puppy that is reacting out of fear.
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DieselPuppy Aggression – Be the Leader

Puppy Chewing – Destructive Chewing

Puppy Chewing – How to Prevent Destructive Puppy Chewing

Puppy ChewingIf you are looking for some simple, yet effective tips on how to train a puppy not to engage in puppy chewing, that is destructive, use the steps listed below (daily) and you will see improvement. Just remember to remain calm and exercise a little patience, after all this is a natural behavior and puppies need time to learn what is expected of them.

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DieselPuppy Chewing – Destructive Chewing

Puppy Socialization – Create a Balanced Dog

Puppy SocializationEarly training and puppy socialization is key to creating a dog that is non-aggressive, happy, balanced and well-trained. A puppy that has not been socialized properly starting when it was born, or separated from its mother too early (before the age of 11 weeks), may be harder to train and may exhibit unwanted behaviors such as fear-based nipping, biting, aggression, constant whining, crying, or barking. In addition, many times the home that your puppy has come from may not have started socializing your puppy.

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DieselPuppy Socialization – Create a Balanced Dog

Leash Training Your Puppy

Leash Training Your PuppyLeash Training Your Puppy the Easy Way

Leash training your puppy can be one of the most frustrating training experiences you can have. Especially when you are trying to train your puppy how to walk on leash without choking, pulling, or lunging. It can also become a negative experience for your puppy or dog if not done correctly. If a puppy or dog learns to associate a negative experience with leash training (such as pulling or choking), you are far less likely to get your puppy to walk correctly on a leash and more likely to give up on leash training, which is what a good deal of puppy and dog owners do.

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DieselLeash Training Your Puppy

Puppy Discipline – What Works and What Doesn’t

puppy disciplinePuppy Discipline: Disciplining Your Puppy The Right Way

Puppy discipline seems to be a vague term among puppy owners and although it has never really been defined, most often, puppy discipline usually involves (just to name the most common) yelling, throwing things at a puppy, or some form of water torture such as a spraying your puppy with water for undesired behaviors and training mistakes (such as housebreaking issues).

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DieselPuppy Discipline – What Works and What Doesn’t